About Niagen

About Niagen

About Niagen
Why are some folks calling Niagen the "fountain of youth?" Because, in keeping with research, the nicotinamide riboside inside Niagen might assist enhance communication inside your cells and reduce their age by up to 66%. Consequently, you may experience quite a lot of anti-getting older advantages, including improved brain and cardiovascular health, increased muscle endurance, in addition to a boosted metabolism.

As it turns out although, the reality about Niagen may be loads less revolutionary than the manufacturer makes it appear. But why?

Stick to us and we promise 3 issues by the time you’re completed reading: 1) You’ll have a much better understanding of what Niagen is, 2) you’ll learn concerning the totally different kinds of research behind it, and three) whether or not it is best to give Niagen a try.

First Things First: Who Makes Niagen?
Niagen is a proprietary ingredient manufactured by ChromaDex, which they declare is the "first and only commercially available form of nicotinamide riboside" (more about this next). After it’s been manufactured, ChromaDex then licenses Niagen to third-party corporations—comparable to Live Cell Analysis—who encapsulate the supplement and promote it as they wish.

Because of this, a fast on-line search for Niagen will reveal dozens of results, none of which seem like any different that the Niagen offered by different companies.

What is Nicotinamide Riboside?
The truth: Answering a few of your basic questions about Niagen requires some pretty in-depth explanation. So let’s start from sq. one, we could?

Here’s the whittled-down collection of events that happen after you take a capsule of Niagen:

The nicotinamide riboside contained in Niagen is transformed by your body into Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), which is why it’s often called a precursor (e.g. a substance from which another is formed).
Within the human body, NAD’s major function is to switch electrons from one molecule to a different, which is a primary part of energy production (often known as "energy sparks"), and is sort of wholly achieved by the mitochondria within every of your cells. Consider mitochondria as little engines that energy your body.
NAD additionally acts as a precursor to the messenger molecule cyclic ADP-ribose, which can assist improve the transmission of information, each inside and outside cells.
As we age although, the communication between the nucleus (the "brain" of a cell) and its mitochondria turns into interrupted, which can lead to frequent signs of getting older, such as certain forms of dementia (e.g. Alzheimer’s), wrinkles, the weakening of bones and muscular tissues, and more.

What Occurs When You Take Niagen?
Every capsule of Niagen is claimed to incorporate just one ingredient; a 250mg dose of nicotinamide riboside dosage riboside, which is a NAD precursor (don’t worry, we’ll talk more about this in a moment) that improves communication between the mitochondria and the nucleus inside your cells. As a result, Niagen is claimed to offer the following benefits:

Prevents mobile damage caused by free radicals from occurring, instead of addressing the damage solely after it’s happenred (like most mainstream antioxidants do).
Supports healthy ldl cholesterol levels.
Helps cellular metabolism and enhances the amount of energy your body naturally burns, with out requiring you to limit your weight-reduction plan or increase your exercise habits.
Might help forestall age-associated brain degeneration (e.g. Alzheimer’s) by preventing the degeneration of axons and neurons (nerve cells answerable for the transmission of knowledge; consider them virtually like "data highways").